Sewer and Drainline Scoping

The sewer and drain line inspection is becoming a very common inspection.  With the high cost of main sewer line replacement, this may be the most cost effective inspection that can be performed. 


During the scope, the main sewer line is inspected for areas of root infestation along with damaged, crushed, or leaking lines.  Videos and pictures can be taken of the main sewer line, and attached to the report as well.  A load test is also performed while the camera is in the drain line to determine how well water flows. 


The sewer scope should always be considered. However, it is likely even more important to have this inspection performed under certain circumstances. If the main plumbing line is aged or cast iron, or if there are large trees between the house and community sewer, then it is advisable to have the line scoped. Another sign a scope should be performed is if there is a Roto Rooter sticker placed somewhere near the line.  This could be an indication of an ongoing root infestation issue. 




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