Well Water Sampling & Treatment

Most people give little thought to the water they drink.  The Department of Health recommends we test our drinking water yearly in order to detect the potential of unsafe bacteria.  As a licensed septic inspection company, TWL is qualified to take official water samples.  The samples are then taken to the DOH, where offical tests are completed.


After sampling, a well may return positive results for unsafe bacteria.  This can happen because a well has sat unused for an extended period of time.  New wells tend to show positive results as well.  Oftentimes wells will clear up after consistent use.  However, it is usually best to treat them.  Two consecutive clean samples are required by the DOH before they will consider the well water safe for drinking.


TWL can treat contaminated wells that have less than 8 connections.  Wells that have more than 8 connections are monitored by the DNR.

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